Friday, 3 December 2010

Our music video uses many conventions of real music videos. Our genre is hip hop so we followed the typical conventions used by hip hop  artists. We got our first inspiration from watching a music video by Eminem and Rhianna. The video is called 'Love the way you lie' and in the video there are two Eminems, the narrative and the artists singing. We used this same idea for our music video and had Hakan singing as Kanye West and Saul following the narration of Kanyes' song. Another convention used in our video is one of the Goodwins points, 'selling the artist'. Our Kanye is sold by the fact he is wearing expensive clothing like the 'New Era' flat peak. He is also wearing jewelery which makes him look rich.  However the song is a negative song about Kanye so the artist is not portrayed as a good person but portrayed as honest. In a typical hip hop video jump shots and fast camera movements are used to create an exciting atmosphere, however our song isn't a typical hip hop tune and is very mellow. Taking this into account we decided to use the jump shots but without the camera movement. To make it more conventional we could use moving shots. We also used different shot types but of the same image which is a commonly used technique. To create the hip hop feel in our music video we used typical urban backgrounds. One problem we found was finding a good setting in Cambridge. We managed to find a few graffiti walls and urban looking areas(skate ramp) to create this setting. We ended up using the graffiti backgrounds for our advert and Digipack. We used the Goodwin convention, 'Visual-Lyrics' when the song referenced to certain things, like "smoking weed", we used a fake spliff to match this.

We created a digipack and a magazine advert for our ancillary task. We, very succsefully, created an ancillary task that matched our video.  

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