Friday, 26 November 2010

Questionnaire to assess target audience

Red p1-05
1. On the font cover would you expect to see the artist?

Yes, because its a solo artist


2. Would you like to see location on the front cover?

Could do, but may be better with just the artist

Yes but I'd expect it to focus on the artist

Yes but i feel that the focus still should be on the artist

3. What colours would you expect to see?

fairly dark, Rap, RnB colours

Black, Grey, Brown

dark colours like grey because it suits the genre

4. Which font would you like to see?


A big bold font that stands out 

A font that stands out and is big and bulky

5. On the back would you expect to see song names?




6. Do you prefer one big image the whole way across the cover or lots of little ones to give you an impression of the setting of the video?

One big image, that represents the artist

One big image of the artist

I think a big image is good but you can still put smaller images over on the back to cover up empty space

7. On the inside would you expect to have a fold out leaflet with information about the artist and their songs with lyrics?

Not in the Dvd, on a CD 

Yes why not

Yes because it offers more information

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