Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Magazine advert and DVD cover



Friday, 26 November 2010

Questionnaire to assess target audience

Red p1-05
1. On the font cover would you expect to see the artist?

Yes, because its a solo artist


2. Would you like to see location on the front cover?

Could do, but may be better with just the artist

Yes but I'd expect it to focus on the artist

Yes but i feel that the focus still should be on the artist

3. What colours would you expect to see?

fairly dark, Rap, RnB colours

Black, Grey, Brown

dark colours like grey because it suits the genre

4. Which font would you like to see?


A big bold font that stands out 

A font that stands out and is big and bulky

5. On the back would you expect to see song names?




6. Do you prefer one big image the whole way across the cover or lots of little ones to give you an impression of the setting of the video?

One big image, that represents the artist

One big image of the artist

I think a big image is good but you can still put smaller images over on the back to cover up empty space

7. On the inside would you expect to have a fold out leaflet with information about the artist and their songs with lyrics?

Not in the Dvd, on a CD 

Yes why not

Yes because it offers more information

Analyses of The Game magazine advert


On the magazine advert the main image is of the artist. This sells the artist which is important in the hip hop genre. It portrays the game as 'gangsta' which is what the stereotypical target audience of this music will idolise.He has lots of tattoos that are shown clearly in the image of him, this adds to his whole image.

The quote on it 'I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANY OTHER RAPPERS' portrays him as arrogant but also cool. This would sell well with the target audience.

He is the main feature on the article but there is also advertisement for similar artists. This will help to sell his music as if the audience know of these other artists they will take more interest in him.

It has the front cover of the CD which means that when people see it in the shops they will remember the advert and be more likely to buy it. It will also help to sell the music as if people go to the shops looking for the game, they will know what they are looking for.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Friday, 12 November 2010

Since first draft

Since the first draft we have made lots of improvements to our video. Although it is not finished yet we have filmed extra footage of Hakan rapping from different angles. This footage is very useful to have as it has meant we can skip from shot to shot quicker, making a video much more visually interesting. Doing this has also helped as we have a bigger range of camera angles.

Last minute filming!

We as a group have decided to quickly film a few more lyrics during our editing process just to mix up the footage a bit more to make it feel as if there is more happening. This hopefully wont effect us with meeting the deadline as we know where to put it and exactly what to film so it shouldn't be too much of a hindrance.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Advise on Roughcut

We asked for some advise for our video as there was clearly something wrong with the video. We knew the content was good but there was something wrong with our video. Tanya the head of media kindly came and viewed our roughcut the feedback we got was helpful giving us confidence in the content side of things but showed where we could improve. We now know to cut up the story line and put it in paralelle with hakans rapping to make it flow better and be more visually interesting throughout.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

About the feedback

We already know everything that people hve pointed out to us so it wasn't all that helpful. We also think that the apparent "squat" look is actually quite fitting to the Hip Hop genre as Hip Hop developed from poor people in North America. There were some parts criticized for being out of time but this is because of the quality of the quicktime conversion because in Final Cut it is in sync. When we have filmed all of our footage we believe we will be able to fulfill all that has been mentioned.

P1-04 Feedback

Dom thinks that the video has some good ideas, it would appeal to it's target audience. However the lip syncing needs improvement, the fact that the music and video is out of sync is very apparent at the beginning of the video. The video the has some variety locations however it would use some more.
The urban setting appeals to people of our age, it was filmed well how it switched from Hakan  rapping to Saul acting. They also used good effects when Saul was standing at the road and cars went by fst, passing through time.
How ever the shots of Hakan singing went on  little to long and whilst under the bridge was hard to see his mouth moving.

The bedroom could be made to look like a bedroom, because it looks like there just squating on a mattress on the floor.

p1-01 feedback

Our favourite part was the sped up traffic this was effective because it looks professional.

we liked how there was  narrative as well as the artist rapping. However, we weren't always sure if the artist's lip syncing was always in time.

goodwin's points:

voyeurism: urban landscapes and the music vinyl player

music and lyrics: searching the internet and smoking

music and visuals: the verses were mainly focused on the artist while the instrumental is where the narrative is shown.

genre characteristics: the clothing and locations so with the genre

selling the artist: his clothing gives the impression he is 'bad man'


Overall we think that the lip syncing was very good and convincing. The visuals and lyrics match really well and the overall style fits the convention of the song. The settings that they chose where good and matched the genre of the song. The effects that were used were very clear and effectively.

It sells the artist very well as it shows off his singing talent and shows that he is very stylish. The use of intertextuality was good for example when they showed the internet and the graffiti in the background.

An improvement could be to shorten the time between shots when someone is walking or singing. 

Filming Plan for 3/11/10

Tomorrow we are planning on shooting some film to replace all that we lost. We start our shoot at 2.30pm nd will finish shooting at around 5 when the light goes down. This is one problem we face, because of the change in sunset it will be darker sooner

Feedback we expect

Due to the lack of filming, because of technical difficulties, we are expecting a lot of feedback about most of the video which we lost footage for. Most of Hakans lip syncing needs to be filmed again and Sauls lip syncing.  Were exoecting people to say it needs to be longer and that parts are out of sync.
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