Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Unconventional Music Video

Christina Aguilara - The voice within

We have chosen this video as our unconventional pop video as Christina Aguilara is a pop artist and this is a pop song, however the song doesn't follow the pop music video conventions.

The video has no colour in it, the whole video is in black and white. Conventionally, in a typical pop video, there would be lots of bright and vibrant colours. For example Katy Perry, California Gurls.

Another Convention that pop videos usually follow is having dancing and background dancers. This video however only has Christina Aguilera in it and she doesn't dance she just uses expressive movements like this:

In this video she is not wearing designer wear and has no costume changes. She just wears a silk dress that looks like a night dress. This does not change throughout. In most music videos the artists have lots of costume changes into different dresses/costumes.  A pop artist that does change costumes many times is Cheryl Cole in her music video, Fight for this love.

In this Cheryl Coles video it is apparent from the pictures above that in her video she uses jump cuts from setting to setting. However Christina Aguilera uses just one long shot the whole way through her video.

Christina Aguilera's video also is not very visually interesting unlike most pop videos as the focus is mainly on her and it brings the focus to her amazing voice and the emotions she is expressing.

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