Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Our Pitch for Kanye West-Apologise


We will have our music video as mostly one long shot.

We will use, for the beginning of the song will be Sauls bedroom. It will start with Saul putting the needle down onto the decs.  Then, in his room will be Saul leaning on the sofa lip syncing while a girl is asleep in the bed.

We will then see Saul leaving the house and follow him to the train station. He will be walking and lip syncing. Then walk round the corner and to a busy train station. We will speed up the surroundings and have the singer walking slowly. At this point they will not be lip syncing as we do not have the editing equipment to make that work. Then it will come out of the slow motion when Saul and Will bump into each other.

We will then see him going back to Sauls lip syncing again going back to his house.

In the song Kanye West talks about smoking weed with his girl. So we are going to have Saul and a girl smoking weed ( wont actually be a spliff) back in his bedroom and we will match the visuals and lyrics.

In the song the couple break up. When this happens we will have to couple kissing on the bed and then she will fade out and disappear. This shows that they are now out of each others lives.

When the choruses come we will always use the shopping centre image of Saul looking for the different things that the lyrics are talking about. For example rings.


We are going to have a running narrative through the video.
There will be lip syncing.
As it is not an upbeat song we are not going to have dancing and lots going on as it would not fit with this song.


When filming we will use a tripod for when we do the train station scene.
For the tracking shots we will use a dolly to make it flow without being too bumpy.
When editing we will use lots of simple transitions to show the narrative.
One more complicated editing technique we will use, is to speed up and slow down the images.
We will also use a fade, to fade the girl out of the bedroom in that scene.

We will not needs lots of props, however for the smoking scene we will need a cigarette.
We will use the decs in Sauls room for the opening scene.

Saul is going to be Kanye West.
Clara ( a friend) is going to be the girl friend
Will is going to be part of the busy crowd and he will bump into Saul.
Hakan and Will will be Sauls friends whilst having the spliff.

It is Kanye Wests life with and without his girl.

We have matched the visuals and lyrics in some scenes in the video, For example the smoking scene. We will also have 'apologize' written in graffiti which fits the lyrics as it is the name of the song.

 The artist is not sold very well in this video. This is because the lyrics are negative about the artist singing it.

The lyrics of this song have some intertextuality as there are references to other celebrities. For example Hallie Berrie. The is also a reference to a ferrari.

We do not have voyerism in the video as it is not appropriate for the song as it would contradict the meaning.

We fit the hip hop genre because of the setting of the public places, drug references and the graffiti on the wall of saul's room.

The music fits the visuals as the song is quite slow, and so is the video.

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