Wednesday, 29 September 2010


We will not need lots of props, however for the smoking scene we will need a fake spliff.
We will use the decs in Sauls room for the opening scene.

We will be wearing casual clothes (maybe a little scruffy) that you would wear day to day fitting with the laid back genre.

We will be using natural lighting with what ever the weather is on the day, we will need to film it all in one day to ensure the best continuity we possibly can. The lighting in the bed room will be dull setting the mood.

Make up will not take a key part in the video Clara will use a normal amount nothing different to every day life.

We will be using Sauls bed room, a street with grafiti over the walls to suit our genre and saul walking down a street.

The songs mood is a low beat song setting a slightly depressing mood. the colours will be dull nothing bright and standing out apart from the graffiti wall.

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