Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Madonna music video analysis

Madonna analysis:-

Front cover:

  • On the front cover Madonna is posing as a typical country girl meeting all of the criteria, for example she is wearing a cowboy hat and lying in/on the hay.
  • She is wearing glittery clothes (top and tiara) which shows her country class and her fame.
  • The actual photo doesn't give much away, as to who it is. But, as Madonna is so famous and is well sold everyone knows it is her
  • Her logo in the bottom right corner shows her stage name the song title and a cowboy riding a horse.
  • The font used for the writing on the logo is very western and written in pink to stick to the typical girly image.
  • The video cover expresses that it is a parental advisory video (explicit language) this changes the audience immediately to an older audience.
 The spine:

  • The spine is very colourful, with lots of different colours and shades. This makes the case more attractive to the viewer so they are more likely to pick it out of a group of DVDs. 
  • The spine has only the most significant information with the name of the single in large bold font. This is because the single is very popular and instantly connected with Madonna. This is the reason Madonna's name is in smaller writting.

    The Back:
    • The back cover has all of the detailed information of the whole process of the making of the DVD.
    •  It includes the producers, director and every other aspect of the video.
    • It also contains information like the picture format and the duration time.
    • The back cover is only important for those who are going to buy it. 
    • The image on the back is following the theme from the front cover as it contains a cowboy hat lying in/on the hay.

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