Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Conventional Poppppppp music video

JLS - The Club is Alive

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This music video meets the typical conventions of a pop video.


  • Video showing Girls doing sexy dances.

  •  The artists (JLS) are all wearing fashionable clothes which would appeal to the target audience. They turn up to the club in a 'flash' car also which is also appealing to the audience. This meets the general pop conventions.

Focus on the Artist

  •   The artists are made to look the center of the attention being let in the club in front of the queue and throughout the video dancing in the middle of the club with everyone dancing around them. Also the artists gain all the attention from the girls and is clearly shown though out as they have the most screen time. 


The scene is set in a club, which is typical of a pop video.
Although costume change which is a typical convention of pop is not included in the video.

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