Friday, 17 September 2010

Auteur Theory, Andre Bazin

-Director has asigniture style. This makes there work recognisable. The style could be using   intertextuality, similar themes, mise-en-scene or filming techniques.
- Repetition is key for creating a recognisable style for the director. This repetition is called a 'Hook'. It is repeated to draw the audience in. For example, close up on the artists face. The idea is to make the audience want to watch again.
- If the viewer doesn't watch again then the video is not successful.
-For a successful Auteur/Hook the video needs to be edgy/innovative creating something knew that stands out.

The director we looked at is Jonathan Glazer. He has created music videos for artists like Radio Head, Jamiroquai and Massive Attack. He also does films and commercials.

On his music videos they all follow the same theme. They usually intail a psychological story which usually follows one person and their thoughts. The camera work is really simple and usually one long shot, for example, Unkle - 'Rabbit in your headlights' where a man is walking through an underground tunnel.

 All of his videos consisted of very unrealistic situations and things which aren't physically possible. For example, in the Jamiroquai video, the floors were moving but you couldnt actually see it, so it created the effect of the artist and the props moving around 'magicaly'.

 Jonathan Glazer uses special effects as a key part of his work. Which makes the videos unrealistic, but more interesting. therefore including the psychological effect of the videos.

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