Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Video that has inspired our idea's

 Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna

The first scene when they both lie in the bed is very similar to our idea, Although we will have the girl fade out of the bed. then go on to another scene whereas this video stays in the house.
The colours set the right mood that we wish with the dul colours and natural dull lighting.

Coldplay - 'Fix you'

 This music video has the same mood setting is we wish to pull off the whole video is set of the lead singer walking down the street we are thinking of having saul walk down the street singing although it will be a long shot on a dolly watching him walk down the road. we find this apropriate as it sets the right sort of mood with saul.


We will not need lots of props, however for the smoking scene we will need a fake spliff.
We will use the decs in Sauls room for the opening scene.

We will be wearing casual clothes (maybe a little scruffy) that you would wear day to day fitting with the laid back genre.

We will be using natural lighting with what ever the weather is on the day, we will need to film it all in one day to ensure the best continuity we possibly can. The lighting in the bed room will be dull setting the mood.

Make up will not take a key part in the video Clara will use a normal amount nothing different to every day life.

We will be using Sauls bed room, a street with grafiti over the walls to suit our genre and saul walking down a street.

The songs mood is a low beat song setting a slightly depressing mood. the colours will be dull nothing bright and standing out apart from the graffiti wall.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Feedback from pitch

Question 1:-
How will we fade away Clara?
We will do this by having Saul staying very still and stopping the camera and Clara getting out of bed, then filming Saul sitting in the same position. We will then use the fade one clip into the other to make it look like she faded out not that she jumped out.

We need to put more images on to our pitch

We need to take pictures of the process of rolling the 'Spliff' to show that it is not actually weed. We also need to acknowledge that if this went on TV the 'spliff' would be fuzzed out.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Music Video & Lyrics of Apologize


There must be more good women than men percentage wise
So her chance of having a husband just minimize
That's why a lot of girls claim they ain't into guys
And mess with other girls part time to improvise
I knew she wouldn't vibe
No I seen her inner eyes
But I'm like any other guy trying to get in her thighs
She telling me about how black people should enterprise
And I'm like, if you don't get your ass in this ride fuck enterprise
That I rented yesterday and gotta have in by 5
With the gas fully filled up like I didn't drive
Told her I had a girl, nah fuck it I didn't lie
Told her this rap game is alright. I'm just getting by.
She had a lil weed and we get a lil high
And I'm looking in her eyes and I'm loving her vibe
Told me back in 95' she fell in love with the tribe
Boo back in 92' I was just like you
Please don't be confused by the ice and jewels
I'm like any other nigga buy ice to stay cool
Like any other nigga that claim they hate school
And think yeah Free's banging but she's no Rachel

We ball 'til we fall
Hit the mall
After we
Hit don't call
We fill your lives
With nothing but lies
And I would like to

We ball 'til we fall
Hit the mall
After we
Hit don't call
We fill your lives
With nothing but lies
And I would like to

But you can't stand right here
And tell me everything is going to be alright
'Cause until the day a real man stands up
I'm going to have to improvise

Was it something I did wrong?
Yeah I know I'm wrong
She's at home alone and I'm always gone
Hate it when she mad but more when she passive
Now she on the internet looking for classes
Out of state though, man that hurt yo
But I got work though, and I'm at work yo
And she don't call a lot
And when she do she pouring out her heart
You never listen to me then the call drop hmmm
And I promised her everything
Told her when I get a deal I'll get her a wedding ring
But when I got my deal I was back in the ring
Fighting my urges, strip club splurges
Never had money so I feel like a virgin
And I'm trying to break the bank's cherry
Trying to see can I afford Canaries, with a Ferrari, and a dinner date with Halle Berry?
When from 50 g's to fifteen hundred in a week
No I'm trying to ring...two rings...eight rings
Her mother picked up the phone
Like she in school and she don't stay here no more
I guess there's more good women than men percentage wise
So her chance of having a husband just minimize
I guess that's why she says she ain't into guys
And focus on school full-time to improvise

We ball 'til we fall
Hit the mall
After we
Hit don't call
We fill your lives
With nothing but lies
So I would like to

We ball 'til we fall
Hit the mall
After we
Hit don't call
We fill your lives
With nothing but lies
So I would like to

No no, you can't stand right here
And tell me everything is gonna be alright
'Cause until that real man stands up
I'm going to have to improvise

you can't stand right here
And tell me everything is gonna be alright
'Cause until that real man stands up
I'm going to have to improvise

you can't stand right here
And tell me everything is gonna be alright
'Cause until that real man stands up
I'm going to have to improvise.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Our Pitch for Kanye West-Apologise


We will have our music video as mostly one long shot.

We will use, for the beginning of the song will be Sauls bedroom. It will start with Saul putting the needle down onto the decs.  Then, in his room will be Saul leaning on the sofa lip syncing while a girl is asleep in the bed.

We will then see Saul leaving the house and follow him to the train station. He will be walking and lip syncing. Then walk round the corner and to a busy train station. We will speed up the surroundings and have the singer walking slowly. At this point they will not be lip syncing as we do not have the editing equipment to make that work. Then it will come out of the slow motion when Saul and Will bump into each other.

We will then see him going back to Sauls lip syncing again going back to his house.

In the song Kanye West talks about smoking weed with his girl. So we are going to have Saul and a girl smoking weed ( wont actually be a spliff) back in his bedroom and we will match the visuals and lyrics.

In the song the couple break up. When this happens we will have to couple kissing on the bed and then she will fade out and disappear. This shows that they are now out of each others lives.

When the choruses come we will always use the shopping centre image of Saul looking for the different things that the lyrics are talking about. For example rings.


We are going to have a running narrative through the video.
There will be lip syncing.
As it is not an upbeat song we are not going to have dancing and lots going on as it would not fit with this song.


When filming we will use a tripod for when we do the train station scene.
For the tracking shots we will use a dolly to make it flow without being too bumpy.
When editing we will use lots of simple transitions to show the narrative.
One more complicated editing technique we will use, is to speed up and slow down the images.
We will also use a fade, to fade the girl out of the bedroom in that scene.

We will not needs lots of props, however for the smoking scene we will need a cigarette.
We will use the decs in Sauls room for the opening scene.

Saul is going to be Kanye West.
Clara ( a friend) is going to be the girl friend
Will is going to be part of the busy crowd and he will bump into Saul.
Hakan and Will will be Sauls friends whilst having the spliff.

It is Kanye Wests life with and without his girl.

We have matched the visuals and lyrics in some scenes in the video, For example the smoking scene. We will also have 'apologize' written in graffiti which fits the lyrics as it is the name of the song.

 The artist is not sold very well in this video. This is because the lyrics are negative about the artist singing it.

The lyrics of this song have some intertextuality as there are references to other celebrities. For example Hallie Berrie. The is also a reference to a ferrari.

We do not have voyerism in the video as it is not appropriate for the song as it would contradict the meaning.

We fit the hip hop genre because of the setting of the public places, drug references and the graffiti on the wall of saul's room.

The music fits the visuals as the song is quite slow, and so is the video.

Practise Poster

Practise DVD Cover


This is the start of our idea for a practise DVD cover. We have used eye catching colours, with the name of the band clearly stated. If we had, had time to finish this we also would have added the logo, length of songs, names of songs, ratings, bar code and reviews. 

DVD Cover.

How far did we get?

We did not finish our DVD cover as we didn't have enough time. We did not add much of the stuff that we had planned to. For example the information of the music on the back cover, a bar code, age rating and pictures.

What did we Struggle with?

We found this task quite difficult as everyone in the group isn't experienced with Photoshop. However this task did help us develop our key skills.

How much time do you think you will need for the real thing?

As a group, we have decided that 3 lessons (a weeks worth) will be suitable for us to finish both the poster and the DVD cover.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Madonna music video analysis

Madonna analysis:-

Front cover:

  • On the front cover Madonna is posing as a typical country girl meeting all of the criteria, for example she is wearing a cowboy hat and lying in/on the hay.
  • She is wearing glittery clothes (top and tiara) which shows her country class and her fame.
  • The actual photo doesn't give much away, as to who it is. But, as Madonna is so famous and is well sold everyone knows it is her
  • Her logo in the bottom right corner shows her stage name the song title and a cowboy riding a horse.
  • The font used for the writing on the logo is very western and written in pink to stick to the typical girly image.
  • The video cover expresses that it is a parental advisory video (explicit language) this changes the audience immediately to an older audience.
 The spine:

  • The spine is very colourful, with lots of different colours and shades. This makes the case more attractive to the viewer so they are more likely to pick it out of a group of DVDs. 
  • The spine has only the most significant information with the name of the single in large bold font. This is because the single is very popular and instantly connected with Madonna. This is the reason Madonna's name is in smaller writting.

    The Back:
    • The back cover has all of the detailed information of the whole process of the making of the DVD.
    •  It includes the producers, director and every other aspect of the video.
    • It also contains information like the picture format and the duration time.
    • The back cover is only important for those who are going to buy it. 
    • The image on the back is following the theme from the front cover as it contains a cowboy hat lying in/on the hay.

    Friday, 17 September 2010

    Auteur Theory, Andre Bazin

    -Director has asigniture style. This makes there work recognisable. The style could be using   intertextuality, similar themes, mise-en-scene or filming techniques.
    - Repetition is key for creating a recognisable style for the director. This repetition is called a 'Hook'. It is repeated to draw the audience in. For example, close up on the artists face. The idea is to make the audience want to watch again.
    - If the viewer doesn't watch again then the video is not successful.
    -For a successful Auteur/Hook the video needs to be edgy/innovative creating something knew that stands out.

    The director we looked at is Jonathan Glazer. He has created music videos for artists like Radio Head, Jamiroquai and Massive Attack. He also does films and commercials.

    On his music videos they all follow the same theme. They usually intail a psychological story which usually follows one person and their thoughts. The camera work is really simple and usually one long shot, for example, Unkle - 'Rabbit in your headlights' where a man is walking through an underground tunnel.

     All of his videos consisted of very unrealistic situations and things which aren't physically possible. For example, in the Jamiroquai video, the floors were moving but you couldnt actually see it, so it created the effect of the artist and the props moving around 'magicaly'.

     Jonathan Glazer uses special effects as a key part of his work. Which makes the videos unrealistic, but more interesting. therefore including the psychological effect of the videos.

    Wednesday, 15 September 2010

    Conventional Poppppppp music video

    JLS - The Club is Alive

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=";hl=en_US"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=";hl=en_US" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>

    This music video meets the typical conventions of a pop video.


    • Video showing Girls doing sexy dances.

    •  The artists (JLS) are all wearing fashionable clothes which would appeal to the target audience. They turn up to the club in a 'flash' car also which is also appealing to the audience. This meets the general pop conventions.

    Focus on the Artist

    •   The artists are made to look the center of the attention being let in the club in front of the queue and throughout the video dancing in the middle of the club with everyone dancing around them. Also the artists gain all the attention from the girls and is clearly shown though out as they have the most screen time. 


    The scene is set in a club, which is typical of a pop video.
    Although costume change which is a typical convention of pop is not included in the video.

    Unconventional Music Video

    Christina Aguilara - The voice within

    We have chosen this video as our unconventional pop video as Christina Aguilara is a pop artist and this is a pop song, however the song doesn't follow the pop music video conventions.

    The video has no colour in it, the whole video is in black and white. Conventionally, in a typical pop video, there would be lots of bright and vibrant colours. For example Katy Perry, California Gurls.

    Another Convention that pop videos usually follow is having dancing and background dancers. This video however only has Christina Aguilera in it and she doesn't dance she just uses expressive movements like this:

    In this video she is not wearing designer wear and has no costume changes. She just wears a silk dress that looks like a night dress. This does not change throughout. In most music videos the artists have lots of costume changes into different dresses/costumes.  A pop artist that does change costumes many times is Cheryl Cole in her music video, Fight for this love.

    In this Cheryl Coles video it is apparent from the pictures above that in her video she uses jump cuts from setting to setting. However Christina Aguilera uses just one long shot the whole way through her video.

    Christina Aguilera's video also is not very visually interesting unlike most pop videos as the focus is mainly on her and it brings the focus to her amazing voice and the emotions she is expressing.
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